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Function Testing

All products will undergo 100% functional testing in SkyGlory‘s factory, and strictly follow the testing procedures provided by




SkyGlory Engineering Department will make test fixtures for each product. The test fixture will be efficiently used to test the product.


After the test, the test report will be generated and archived or sent to the customer by e-mail so that all test records can be tracked.



FCT (Functional Circuit Test) circuit board dynamic function tester takes the unit under test on the circuit board as a functional body,


provides input signals to it, and detects the signal according to the design requirements of the functional body. Use advanced and


flexible solutions to improve the degree of automation of detection. And it greatly shortens the troubleshooting time, which is the best


way to quickly repair and find faults.



The full name of FCT in English is: Functional Circuit Test, which is functional test, generally refers to the functional


test after PCBA is powered on, including: voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, duty cycle, position determination,


LED brightness and color recognition, LCD characters And color recognition, voice recognition, temperature measurement


and control, pressure measurement and control, precision micro-motion control, FLASH and EEPROM online burning and


other functional parameters measurement.


What is the difference between ICT and FCT test principles?


1.ICT is a relatively simple simulation of PCBA. It is mainly used to check component failures and soldering failures.


   It is performed in the next process of board soldering. The board with problems (such as device reverse soldering,


    short circuit, etc.) is directly repaired on the soldering line. 


2.FCT is an electronic and electrical functional test, that is, after completing the ICT test steps, turn to the power-on


   state of the product to test the parameters of the product during normal operation. The advantage of this is that


   you don’t have to take the product again.

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