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Research and Development


We are problem-solving service which will bring your ideas to life.


The design of electronic products is a gradual process. Based on your ideas we will develop modern and quality


products, which will be able to compete with modern trends on the global market.


Well-designed products may require a dozen of prototypes that help us detect and solve any problems and


unexpected design defects that can be hidden in the schematics and designs. In the prototype production,


we can offer all the necessary services at one place.



The connection between R&D and production is our key advantage. Because of the excellent knowledge and


understanding of production technology, we can make superior optimization of electronic products.


The next important part of the whole process is product testing. Our company has advanced equipment,


which is necessary for testing manufactured products, which ensures their quality and robustness.


Safety, efficiency, user-friendliness, and cost savings are the main factors we evaluated during the research


and development process. Before we release any newly developed products, our responsible engineers will


fully check this, and if necessary, conduct corresponding tests in third-party laboratories and factories.


After sale


Sincere, quick, considerate, polite is our service purpose.


All of customers that cooperate with us are our friends. Friendship is the best bridge for our cooperation.


No matter what happened, help friends solve problem is the most important thing we should do. We will


glad to solve the problem by our joint effort.



When a problem appears, we will need the following information from your side.


1. Because PCB board is semi-product, if lay up improper, it will appear some chemical reaction affect


   the original function. It means please contact us about the problem within 1 week after receiving the parts.


2. It will be better offering us some clear pictures with the problem description.


Our action:


1.If you receive the goods due to the fault of SkyGlory, the board problems can be reported to SkyGlory after-sales.


   The after-sales engineer will establish the relevant problems and contact you in time for communication and handling.


2. Feedback the problem to related department (QA, QC.) we will take some sample to check and test again.


    If the boards are non-conforming per customer specifications, we will  glad to remake the boards according to your


    request and take more attention to the problem during production.


We can also offer one-stop service include PCB solution, component purchase, assembly and testing.


Return Policy



If the customer finds that the PCB has damage or major defects within 14 days after receiving the goods, SkyGlory will 


  • deliver the same replacement. 


  • Or return to the factory for repair. 


  • Or refund the corresponding amount and loss to the customer.


Failure to file an objection within the time limit shall be deemed eligible.





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