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What is hydrogen-rich water? What does it do?

What is hydrogen-rich water? What does it do?

Hydrogen-rich water machine

What is Hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water namely the water be rich in hydrogen.

For a long time, biologists agree that hydrogen is physiologically inert gas, hydrogen itself is one of the mostnatural antioxidants, so the added hydrogen water has a strong reduction function , neutralize the blood and thecells of reactive oxygen species (radical).Hydrogen-rich water that has more than all the vitamins A, C,E,green tea and other antioxidants known to man, the negative potential to achieve surprise -300mv,comprehensive removal of human malignant reactive oxygen species (free radicals)

The role of hydrogen-richwater on the human body Active hydrogen neutralize the radicalInfiltration, improve blood circulationActivation of human cells, anti-aging Enhance immunity, increase of live cells Promote digestion and excretion, to improve gastrointestinal function.

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